Management Committee meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month starting at 6.00pm in the training room. All members are welcome to attend. Minutes are available upon request. Please email to request minutes.


Rick Rolff

Vice President

Rob Duffy


Trevor Franklin


Maree Mackenzie

Club Captain

Rob McCue

JAC Chair

Rob Oakeshott


Sandy Menzies

Competition Manager

Leanne Hatherly

IRB Captain

Danny Suitor

Gear Steward

Jeff Polverino

Board and Ski Captain

Paula Stone

Publicity Officer

Terry Mawer

Sponsorship and Grants Manager

Peter Fox

Gym Manager

James Turnham

Chief Training Officer

Anni Yaringa

COVID-19 Safety Coordinator

James Wootton

Member Protection Information Officer

Elizabeth Wootton

Hall Hire Manager

Barry Paff

Cadet Co-ordinator

Leanne Hatherly

First Aid Officer

James O’Brien

Life Saving

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