If you are interested in joining Port Macquarie Surf Life Saving Club, please contact our Secretary before joining online, to discuss which type of membership is the most suitable for you. You can send an email to our Secretary by sending a General Enquiry on the “Contact Us” page.

Port Macquarie Surf Life Saving Club welcomes new members at any time of year. Membership categories are as follows.


Young persons from 5 years to 14 years of age. For more information about Nipper activities go to our Nippers page. Young persons needs to be 5 years old before 30th September to register. At least one parent or guardian of the Nipper must be a current, financial member of the Club before the Nipper membership can be accepted.

Patrolling Members

Persons aged from 15 years upward can join the Club, complete their Bronze Medallion and become a member of our volunteer patrols. Our Club patrols Flynns Beach on weekends from September to April. Each patrol completes between ten and twelve patrols during each season.

Renewing Members

If you are or have been a member of our Club in the past and wish to renew your membership for the upcoming season.

Associate Members

Persons who wish to join the Club but not become part of our patrols are able to become Associate members.

Fees for 2020-2021:

Membership Steps:

1. Create/Renew membership details and payments are now made online at the SLSA Members Portal. Instructions on how to join as a new member or rejoin after an absence can be viewed here.

2. All members over the age of 18 and those members under the age of 18 who work with children must apply for and provide the Club with a Working With Children Check number (WWC number). If you have already provided your WWC number to the Club, it does not need to be sent again. If you need to apply for a WWC number go to Children’s Guardian website and follow the links.

Information for families
All accounts created on SLSA Members Portal are for individuals only and not families. If you are a parent registering your children, you will need to create separate accounts for each family member. Every person in the Surf Life Saving organisation has their own entry in the national membership database to record their own awards, assessments and patrol hours and this website reflects that.

In order to save time we recommend parents/guardians consider the following:

  • Membership types for Nippers – Nippers are classified as ‘Junior 3-15 Members’, nipper parents who are not active patrolling member are classified as ‘General’
  • Each family member will need a unique username but there’s nothing stopping you using a generic beginning, e.g. hutchinson_billy, hutchinson_sarah or thejonesfamilybob, thejonesfamilykate
  • You can use the same email address for each family member (however if they are existing Club members the email address must match the one currently stored by the Club)
  • If desired, you can use the same password for each family member when creating their accounts
  • If your Club is using the Payment Gateway you can still pay in bulk for a single family membership, but remember to record the details of all family members when paying

Once these accounts have been created they can be logged in and accessed at any time to view awards and assessments, patrol hours and personal details. Next year, in order to renew membership, you need merely login as the desired individual and click a single ‘Renew’ link.

There are a couple of fields which are optional – Clothing Size and  Education.

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