Surf boats have been the focal point of surf sports for many years now. When surf boats were first introduced to Surf Life Saiving, it was considered to be a useful piece of rescue equipment and soon became our main source along with the Rescue Reel.

Surf boats were then introduced as a Surf Sport in Surf Life Saving. A boat crew shall consist of five competitors, four of whom shall be “rowers” and a “sweep” who controls the boat by use of a sweep oar and commands to the rowers. Boat crews start at the water’s edge holding their boats ready. On the starting signal, crews row around their assigned turning buoy situated approximately 400 metres off shore and return to the beach. The winner is the first crew to pass their boat between the finish flags on the beach.


Port Macquarie SLSC have both Male and Female Crews.

If you obtain your Bronze Medallion and are interested in joining the crew, please contact
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