Surf Life Saving NSW in conjunction with all clubs is a Registered Training Organisation with the ability to provide professional education courses delivered by qualified trainers, assessors and facilitators. There are a wide variety of awards and qualifications available to participants. Holding some of these awards allow you to patrol as a volunteer Lifesaver or compete at competition levels such as the Country, State and Aussie Championships.

Minimum requirement to begin patrolling is the Surf Rescue Certificate which can be obtained at 13 years of age or gaining the Bronze Medallion at 15 years of age. One of the benefits of being a club member is the training opportunities available to you. Completing awards gives you the option to grow your skill set and be better equipped to fulfil your role as a volunteer lifesaver.

Awards and Qualifications:
To find out which awards you may be interested in or eligible for, please see here.

Please note: Additional training and fitness sessions are conducted both at the river and at Flynns Beach. Training sessions focus on board paddling, ocean swimming and ski paddling.

For further information regarding the opportunities available to you or enquiries into upcoming courses please contact our Chief Training Officer by emailing

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